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Promised Land Film was founded by Yoruba Richen and focuses on producing nuanced, compelling documentary films that illuminate issues of race, space and power and telling stories that entertain and enlighten us about the vital social issues of our time.

Yoruba partners with award-winning producers, cinematographers and editors to produce work for broadcast, theatrical and the Web. She also works with companies and organizations to make bespoke content and her work has been featured on numerous outlets, including Netflix, MSNBC, FX, Hulu, HBO, Peacock and PBS.  

Feature Documentaries

Yoruba’s films are bold and cimematic, while intimately exploring stories from the past and the present that give voice to marginalized communities and compel viewers to take action or think about things in a new way.  Her latest film , The Cost of Inheritance, explores the complex issue of reparations in the United States and takes a personal approach to understanding our history, systemic injustices, and inequities.  The film follows descendants of enslavers and the enslaved as they are reckoning with their past and trying to find a just way forward. Through compelling personal narratives, community inquiries, and scholarly insights, it aims to inspire understanding of the scope and rationale of the reparations debate.

The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks

The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks expands the record on Rosa Parks’ overlooked accomplishments and the importance of her drive and fight to overcome racial injustices and rampant inequalities. Available on Peacock. 

The Cost of Inheritance

An America ReFramed special, is an hour-long documentary that explorest the the long struggle for Reparations in the U.S and shows how descendants of enslavers are grappling with their own history and working towards racial justice.   It premieres Jan. 8th, 2024 on PBS. 

How it feels to be free

The inspiring story of how six iconic African American female entertainers challenged an entertainment industry deeply complicit in perpetuating racist stereotypes, and transformed themselves and their audiences in the process. Available on Amazon.

yoruba richen director


Yoruba is the founding director of the Documentary Program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. She has recently been appointed as an Associate Professor at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.

“Yoruba Richen is a critical voice in the nonfiction documentary film industry,” said Dean Graciela Mochkofsky. “We are honored to have her at the helm of this program, inspiring our graduate students, and the rest of her colleagues, with her passion and deep expertise. She is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and leader.”

Yoruba is  a featured TED Speaker and her talk, “What the gay rights movement learned from the Civil Rights movement”  has been viewed more than 600,000 times.

As a member of both the African American and LGBT communities, she is fascinated with the overlaps and tensions between the gay rights and the civil rights movements. Richen explores how the two struggles intertwine and propel each other forward — and, in an unmissable argument, she dispels a myth about their points of conflict. A powerful reminder that we all have a stake in equality.

Film Making

We specialize in producing nuanced, compelling films told from a unique and and often  surprising perspective that illuminate the vital issues of our day.


Yoruba  speaks at universities, organizations and educational institutions about engaged storytelling, the media landscape  and social and political issues

Content Creation

We create branded content for companies and organizations. We also consult with production companies and organizations on non-fiction content. 

" Reframing the Narrative One Story at a Time "

yoruba richen documentary
yoruba richen documentary

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